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Proper pool care will maximize the fun you experience owning a pool and also help ensure that your pool equipment lasts as long as possible. PcPools provides assistance and information on how to properly care for your pool water and equipment.

Why Buy Blue Wave Stainless Steel Pool Ladders ?

Above ground pool owners looking for an affordable yet durable stainless steel pool ladder cannot go wrong with Blue Wave's very own Stainless Steel pool ladder™. PcPools carries four models, Blue Wave Stainless Steel pool ladders are designed for above ground pools up to 54” deep.

Why buy the DirtBlaster Automatic Pool Cleaner

Designed and manufactured by Blue Wave®, DirtBlaster Automatic Pool Cleaner is available in above ground and in ground models. With DirtBlaster Automatic Pool Cleaner™, you gain the same quality as EASY VAC™ and RANGER™ at a terrific price.

Easy Pool Step by Blue Wave

The Easy Pool Step™, manufactured by Blue Wave Pool Products, is an innovative above ground pool entry system that enables safety and security. Here's why, Easy Pool Step pool entry systems is available in three different configurations. Easy Pool Step fits any above-ground pool measuring 48" to 54" deep:

Above Ground Pool Liners and In Ground Pool Liners

Blue Wave Enduraliner vinyl pool liners are made of high-quality 100% virgin vinyl that is formulated to last year after year thanks to a clear protective coating that protects the liners from sun, chemicals, bacteria, fungus, and algae. All Blue Wave Enduraliners are custom built to fit your swimming pool perfectly and must pass "Zero Defect" quality assurance testing.

The Benefits of Gorilla Pad

Gorilla Pad is high-quality pool floor padding protects the bottom of your swimming pool liner. While Gorilla Pad looks like felt material, it effectively stops glass, grass, and rocks from coming up into your above ground pool liner. Simply lay Gorilla Pool Floor Pad over your sand base. The result? Helps prevent cuts, gouges, and punctures in your swimming pool liner.

The Benefits of Above-Ground Pools

An above-ground pool lets a family spend time together without leaving home The outstanding benefits associated with above-ground pools are 1) easy installation and maintenance, and 2) less-expensive price. These two factors alone make an above-ground pool beat an in-ground pool for consumers seeking a relaxing yet surprisingly affordable backyard luxury.

Arctic Armor Pool Cover Highlights

Winter pool covers are important for general maintenance and properly closing a pool at the end of the season. Winter pool covers help prevent leaves, dirt, and debris from falling into the pool during the winter, leading to far less clean up and an easier start-up in the spring. The Blue Wave® Arctic Armor™ pool cover line, manufactured by Blue Wave Pool Products, offers a complete variety of in-ground and above-ground pool covers and winter accessories to suit every pool owner's needs.

Magni Clear Solar Pool Covers

Magni Clear solar pool covers or solar pool covers by Blue Wave are top quality solar pool covers made of a clear polymer material to take the most advantage of the sun's heating (solar) power. Our Magni Clear pool cover line includes Above-Ground Solar Pool Covers, and In-Ground Solar Pool Covers, Magni Clear Product Highlights - Here are 10 product highlights about investing in the best solar pool cover you can buy:

Semi-in ground pools—the best of both worlds

In backyards all over this nation, swimming pools of all styles, shapes and sizes stand as wonderful outposts of carefree summertime merriment and all manner of miscellaneous family fun and wonderment.​

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters

Whether you have an in-ground or an above ground swimming pool, you can significantly reduce swimming pool heating costs by harnessing the power of the sun to help heat your pool and extend your swimming season by up to two months. Solar pool heaters are cost competitive with both gas and heat pump pool heaters, and they have very low annual operating costs. Actually, solar pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy in many climates. Plus, pool solar heaters aren't as expe...

A General Guide to Pool Heating Options

An article discussing heating options for above ground and in ground pool owners, covering natural gas or propane pool heaters, electric pool heaters, solar blankets and solar covers, and solar heating systems.

Do-it-yourself guide to winterizing your above ground pool

Follow these guidelines when closing your above ground pool for the season.

How To Install A Winter Cover On An In Ground Pool

This PcPools Pool Library article provides step by step instructions for "How To Install A Winter Cover On An In Ground Pool". The article also includes helpful tips and background information where appropriate.

How To Install A Winter Cover On An Above Ground Pool

This PcPools Pool Library article provides step by step instructions for "How To Install A Winter Cover On An Above Ground Pool". The article also includes helpful tips and background information where appropriate.

Safety Pool Covers Get Stylish

Safety covers are the strongest and most versatile type of pool covers available for in ground pool owners. They are typically made of heavy duty mesh or solid fabric and mount to the ground by spring-loaded grommets attaching to anchors planted in the ground surrounding the pool.

Mesh vs. Solid Safety Pool Covers

Customers frequently call PcPools to seek advice on what type of safety pool cover to purchase: mesh or solid? We tell them “it depends” and wish them luck. Only kidding! We happily talk them through their particular needs and situation and help them make a decision that works best for them. Our customer service team will gladly do that with you, but this article should help give you a good idea about the pros and cons of each.

Purchasing a New Home with an In Ground Pool – Yay or Nay?

Most potential home buyers begin their real estate searches with a list of must-haves. An attached garage, 3 bedrooms or more, a finished basement, and located in a good school district. Everyone’s list is a little different, and everyone’s list probably bends, flexes, or changes throughout the process.​

Selecting the Right Above Ground Pool Size and Location

This article is designed for people who have either decided to buy an above ground pool or are considering buying an above ground pool, but don’t yet know what size and shape is best for them. This will, in part, be influenced by where in the yard you place the pool.

The Benefits of Using and Owning a Sauna

Many sauna owners and users say taking a sauna is the best way to wind down from the stress and tension of everyday life. While stress relief is by far the number one cited benefit of saunas, their value goes far beyond relaxation.

Swimming Pool Lights – The Possibilities Are Endless!

When the sun goes down on a day or afternoon of swimming, there’s no need to call it day. Invest in swimming pool lights to extend your swim time, enrich the atmosphere of your pool, and enhance the attractiveness of your yard whether or not your pool is in use.

Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners – The Basics

Automatic swimming pool cleaners can save pool owners time by reducing the amount of hands-on cleaning, and help save money by reducing the amount of time the pump and filter system must run.

Swimming Pool Pumps – The Basics

Swimming pool pumps are electric powered motorized products designed to circulate the water in your pool. They work in tandem with attached filter systems—or when applicable, automatic pool cleaners—to clean swimming pools by circulating water through a cleaning and filtration system which removes dirt and other contaminants.

Pool Chemistry – A Pool Owner’s Basic Need-To-Know Guide

Monitoring and understanding the chemistry of your swimming pool can be tricky when first starting out. Don’t let it overwhelm you. With the basic knowledge in this guide and a little bit of effort, you’ll know everything a mindful pool owner should know, and more.

An Alternative to A Chlorine Swimming Pool

Many people unfamiliar with saltwater swimming pools imagine them to be as salty as oceanwater, but that simply isn’t the case. A saltwater pool is ten times less salty than the ocean, so pool owners can rest easy: a well-built saltwater pool has less than 3,500 parts per million of salt, which means most swimmers won’t be able to detect it.

Is It Time To Update Your Swimming Pool’s Gas Heater?

Whether you own an above ground pool or an in ground pool, a swimming pool heater is a wonderful way to maximize and extend your swimming season. Gas pool heaters, which use either natural gas or propane, are the most popular systems for heating swimming pools.

Pool Liners: A Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Installation

Needing to replace a swimming pool liner is a natural part of above ground pool ownership, and increasingly, part of in ground pool ownership as well. Whether it’s because your liner is leaking, faded, or the liner bead is coming out of the track, installing a new liner can be a laborious but fun project.

Pool Liner Options: Update and Upgrade Your Pool

Pool liner wear is part of above ground pool ownership, and increasingly, a part of in ground pool ownership as well. At some point, constant exposure to chemicals and the sun fades the colors and wears down the plastic no matter what you do. If your vinyl liner is starting to show its age, or you are growing tired of looking at the same pool year after year, don’t think the life of your pool has run its course. Think…it’s time to get a new pool liner!

How To Conserve Water In A Pool

A swimming pool can be essential for staying cool and comfortable during those hot summer days, but they can also be expensive to maintain. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on the cost of having one: conserve the water already in the pool.

Shed Pounds With Your Pool

Whether it’s the winter months and the slopes and trails are spotted with skiers, or it’s summer and the paths are littered with runners and bikers, it’s always a great time to hit the pool. Swim fitness, in all of its forms, can be much more than just your Grandmother’s water aerobics. Whatever your goal or level of expertise, swim fitness is a great option to help lose weight.

Harnessing the Power Of The Sun: A Guide To Saving Time And Money On Your Pool

If you already have a swimming pool, you know how much heating it can increase your utility bill, but it many areas of the country some level of heating is necessary to maximize the pool’s functionality.

Important Factors and Questions You Should Consider Before Installing An Above Ground Pool

Visions of summer fun often include refreshing dips in the pool on hot days, but many people don’t have ready access to a pool or the budget for their own in ground pool. Once thought of as something you only settled for, an above ground pool may be your answer. Models from 12 ft. in diameter to 18 ft. x 40 ft. are available at fractions of the cost of an in ground pool, and are much cheaper, easier, and faster to install.

Pool Cover Options for Maintenance and Safety

Winter pool covers can prevent debris from entering a pool, while safety covers are strong enough to keep a serious accident from occurring. Those are the two most common ways to cover one’s swimming pool. Conversely, solar covers provide pool owners with a way to inexpensively heat their pool.

Child Pool Safety – 16 Tip for Keeping Your Children Safe Around Pools

While swimming pools provide a great deal of fun and entertainment for families, friends and social gatherings, one must always remember that without the proper safety precautions in place, pools can be a safety hazard, especially for infants and children under the age of five

Pool Equipment Basics

An overview of various types of pool cleaners, pool filters and pool heaters available to the pool owner. This information is helpful in determining which type of equipment best fits your needs.

Above-ground pool closing checklist

A basic checklist of how to close your above-ground pool.

In-Ground pool closing checklist

A basic checklist of how to close your in-ground pool

Pool Opening Checklist

A basic checklist of how to open your pool.

Pool Care Guide

A Basic Outline of chemicals and treatments available for your pool water to maintain its clarity and purity.