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Swimming Pool Lights – The Possibilities Are Endless!

Swimming Pool Lights – The Possibilities Are Endless!
When the sun goes down on a day or afternoon of swimming, there’s no need to call it day. Invest in swimming pool lights to extend your swim time, enrich the atmosphere of your pool, and enhance the attractiveness of your yard whether or not your pool is in use. Whether you own an in ground swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool, pool lights are a must have.
Before deciding to purchase lights for your swimming pool, consider what is available and what you intend to use the lights for. There are two main types of pool lights—floating and wall—and those are discussed in more detail below. Other factors to consider, however, are the type of illumination device: a regular incandescent light bulb, an LED bulb, or fiber optics. The latter two options are typically going to be brighter and use less power, but the former will typically be easier and cheaper to replace. You merely need to decide what works best for you.
Floating Lights.
Floating lights are battery powered products that float on the surface of your swimming pool and project light onto the floor and walls of the pool surface. Some models of floating lights come with built-in rechargeable batteries, but some do not.
There is a large variety of floating light types, and this provides plenty of choices for whatever it is you are seeking to do. Looking for a kaleidoscope of colors? There are plenty of choices available, but be mindful of the fact that these light displays look and show up best on light colored liners and walls. If your pool is dark and colorful you may want to opt for single colored options.
Whether you opt for a multi-colored light or a simpler bright white, a floating light adds atmosphere to parties and gatherings taking place in and out of the water. An added benefit of the floating type of light is the products available are often combined with other useful features. Color changing fountains and wireless speakers are the two most common examples.
Pool Wall Lights.
Lights that are designed to be affixed to your pool walls (and sometimes top-rails) are also made for both above ground pools and in ground pools. The variety and power is greater with lights designed for in ground pools, but they will be more expensive. As more permanent fixtures, they derive their power from either direct wiring, AC power outlets, or even solar power.
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Many units have digital controls that allow you to use the various fixed color choices as well as pre-programmed light shows. Although excellent at providing ambiance, pool wall lights excel at enhancing safety because they get their power from more permanent sources than floating lights. Thus, combined with a pool alarm, a pool light can be an integral part of any long-term safety plan. This is especially true if your pool is left without a safety cover for periods of time when children are able to access the pool area. The ability to see into the pool water clearly with the aid of the light may only make a split-second difference in locating a person whom able to see
Swimming pool lights can enrich your pool ownership experience and have a dramatic effect on the atmosphere of your pool. Have more questions about pool lights or want advice on placement? Call a PcPools representative today at 1.877.PcPools (727.6657).