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Above Ground Pool: Removable pool on the ground that is between 36 and 54 inches deep. Product suggestions: Blue Lagoon, Barbados, Samoan, Bella, San Marino, Bermuda, Capri.

Acid Demand: A titration test used to determine proper amounts of acid (or pH reducer) to reach correct levels for pool water. For example, to lower pH from 8.0 to 7.6, your pool water may "demand" 2 qts of acid.

Algae: Microscopic organisms that capture light energy through photosynthesis with the help of the photosynthetic pigment chlorophyll. They appear either green, blue-green, black, brown or yellow. Nourished by sunlight and typically introduced by rain or wind, algae form colonies to create large masses in your swimming pool or spa. Algae in pools and ponds can cause the water to become cloudy, and in some cases can form a scum over the surface that blocks the sunlight from the water.

Algaecide: Substance used for killing and preventing the growth of algae. When used in a swimming pool, it allows you to use less chlorine for water purification, resulting in pool water that is more pleasant to swim in, without the stinging eyes and nose that too much chlorine can cause. Regular use of algaecide also prolongs the life of your water filtration systems, as there is less plant material to clog the filters and intakes of your pump. Product suggestions: Ultimate Algaecide, Concentrated Algaecide.

Algaestat: An algaecide kills algae, while an algaestat retards and prevents its genesis and growth in your pool water.

Alkalinity: The amount of bicarbonate, carbonate, or hydroxide compounds in pool water. It acts a buffer against changes in your swimming pool's water balance, namely pH, and is defined as the ability of the pool water to resist changes in pH. Low alkalinity is controlled by the addition of a base, and high levels of alkalinity are lowered by the addition of an acid. Product suggestions for control; Alkalinity increaser available in 5, 10 and 25 lb. pails.

Aluminum Sulfate: Product used as a flocculent which attracts suspended particles in the pool water together (green or cloudy pools). A small amount of this can also be used as an additive to your pool's sand filter system.

Automatic Pool Cleaner: A device which agitates or vacuums debris from the pool walls and pool floor. Comes in both Above Ground Automatic Pool Cleaner and In ground Automatic Pool Cleaner models. Suction-Side Pool Cleaners: These pool cleaners attach with a hose to the pool's main circulation system, typically through the skimmer, and they use the pool pump's power to suck up debris. Some suction-side pool cleaners have brushes that loosen debris as the unit glides or jiggles along the pool's floor and walls. Product suggestions: Dirt Devil Above Ground Cleaner, Barracuda In Ground Cleaner G4, Manta Ray Above Ground Cleaner . Pressure-Side Pool Cleaners: These pool cleaners also use a hose to attach to the pool's main circulation system, but they are connected to the pool's return line. They utilize the pressure created by the pool's pump to push debris into an attached collection bag which is then periodically emptied. These have the advantage of lessening the overall wear on your pool's filter system. Booster Pool Cleaners: These pool cleaners utilize the same technology as pressure-side pool cleaners, however they require an independent pump to operate. This adds cost but provides the advantage of not using and thus taxing the pool's main pump. Robotic Pool Cleaners: These pool cleaners are propelled by multiple on-board motors with separate functions. Typically one motor propels the cleaner back and forth while another draws pool water in, thereby creating a vacuum that keeps the robotic pool cleaner on the wall when climbing. A sensor tells the unit when it has reached the top of the wall so that it reverses direction and continues to clean until it comes out of the water again. Brushes on wide rollers rotate throughout the cleaning cycle, and debris is filtered out and collected in an on-board filter bag. Product suggestions: Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaner