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Solar Pool Covers & Reels

Conserve Energy with our super insulating solar pool covers! Our solar pool covers are manufactured to maximize heating and insulation properties and come in durable 8, 12 and 14 mil thickness and in standard blue and our PREMIER Magniclear® styles (The THICKER the BETTER!). Using the proper solar cover can heat your pool faster, and retain the heat longer, making your whole heating system operate more efficiently. An above ground solar pool cover is designed specifically to handle your swimming pool heating requirements. Our insulating solar cover will help you conserve energy and save money. Solar pool covers from are available in tough 8, 12 and 14 mil thicknesses — the thicker, the more heat they preserve. They are available in standard blue and in our premier Magniclear® styles. It is important to use a properly fitting solar cover so your pool will heat faster and retain heat longer. Your entire heating system will operate much more efficiently with a cover. Our solar covers are manufactured with the maximum pool heating features and have a long, sturdy life. Are you looking to GO GREEN? Check out our top of the line Magni-Clear above ground solar pool covers. Our solar covers are crammed with thermal bubbles that conserve heat on chilly days and at night. The air bubbles, which resemble bubble-wrap, function as an insulating blanket that shields your above ground pool from cool nighttime air and winds that sweep away the heat. Why pay for heat when you can get it free from the sun and conserve it with a solar cover? Solar covers are also called "blankets" or "solar blankets" because they insulate and prevent evaporation. In fact, evaporation accounts for upward of 70 percent of the heat loss from your pool. In effect, a solar cover makes up for the initial pool cost in energy savings. Solar covers can be unfolded or unrolled and pushed out onto the water. They float freely on top of the pool without anchors or tie-downs. Removing a solar cover is easy; just pull it off and fold or roll it and store it. Doing this task by yourself can be daunting and soggy with an in ground pool cover. Other than enlisting a helper, the installment of a solar pool reel makes the job a great deal easier. Just roll up on the reel and push it out of the way. A Solar Pool blanket, or cover, is the least costly of all other types of swimming pool covers. But, be aware that these are not safety pool covers. They only prevent debris and dirt from getting into the pool, but are not designed specifically to keep the pool clean. Also, before allowing swimmers into the water, solar covers must be totally removed from the pool.