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Pool Equipment Basics November 16, 2010 02:13 PM

pcPOOLS wants to help you purchase the best products and equipment for your pool. We have provided a simple overview of automatic pool cleaners, filtration and pool heaters to give you a better idea of which product is right for you.

Automatic Cleaners

A suction cleaner works off the vacuum of the pool's filtration system to suck debris from the pool bottom and does not require a separate booster pool pump. This is the least expensive automatic pool cleaner to purchase and is the easiest to install. It cleans whenever the pool filter is running. A suction pool cleaner is highly recommended only if the pool if relatively free from heavy leaves, pine needles and twigs. Above Ground suction type pool cleaners offered by pcPOOLS are Trident, Dirt Devil® Above Ground Automatic Cleaner, Ranger™, Zoom™, Barracuda® Zippy™, 'Lil Shark™. Inground suction type pool cleaners offered by pcPOOLS are Dirt Devil®, Barracuda® Pacer™, Barracuda® G3™, Barracuda® G4™.

Robot Cleaners do not have to be hooked up to the filtration system. They are fully automatic, computerized, has its own drive motor and filtration system and filters your pool water at the same time. Since it has its own motor, it works independently of your pool filter system, and purifies your pool water as it helps distribute pool chemicals. Above ground Pool Rover, Pool Rover Jr.™, Dolphin Robo-Kleen. Inground Aquabot™, Aquabot™ Turbo, Aquabot™ Turbo Remote, Aquabot™ Turbo T, Aquabot™ Turbo T2, Aquabot™ Turbo T4 - RC, Dolphin™ 2001 Diagnostic, Dolphin 2002 Dynamic w/Remote & Caddy, Dolphin HD™ Commercial Auto Cleaner, Dolphin™ 3001 Commercial Auto Pool Cleaner w/ Caddy, Dolphin™ 3002 Commercial Auto Pool Cleaner w/ Caddy & Remote, Dolphin 2x2 Commercial Auto Pool Cleaner, Orion™ Automatic Pool Cleaner.

Other types include pressure Mars HP. This advanced cleaner uses jet propulsion technology to drive out of deep-end hoppers and move around obstacles.

Filtration Systems

The pool's filtration system contains a pump and a filter which circulate the pool water through the filter to remove dirt and contaminants and clean the pool water. A pool filter must run at least 8 hours daily to properly maintain the water's clarity and cleanliness. A sand filtration system, the most popular type, uses a bed of fine sand to trap contaminants and debris as the pool water circulates through the filter. pcPOOLS offers sand filtration systems for both above ground and inground pools. Another type is a cartridge system, it uses a replaceable filter to catch debris and other contaminants to clarify the pool water.


Jumping into a heated pool on a cool summer night is heaven! To regulate the temperature of your pool water, you can install a pool heater powered by solar energy, natural gas or propane. A solar heat panel can be installed on your roof or on the ground and converts energy absorbed from the sun to heat the pool water. This is the most inexpensive method of heating your pool. A gas-powered pool heater is optimal for maintaining a constant temperature in the pool. For your convenience, pcPOOLS offers pool heaters powered by either liquid propane or natural gas. pcPOOLS also offers Heat pumps, which work the opposite way of an air conditioner. The heat pump's cooling coil removes heat from the air while the condenser coil transfers it to water cycling through it, and runs off of electricity.