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Pool Liner Options: Update and Upgrade Your Pool

Pool liner wear is part of above ground pool ownership, and increasingly, a part of in ground pool ownership as well. At some point, constant exposure to chemicals and the sun fades the colors and wears down the plastic no matter what you do. If your vinyl liner is starting to show its age, or you are growing tired of looking at the same pool year after year, don’t think the life of your pool has run its course. Think…it’s time to get a new pool liner!
For decades virtually all above ground pool liners came in one standard color: blue. Not anymore. Just like all other aspects of above ground pools, above ground pool liners have been thoroughly upgraded from their predecessors of decades ago. Manufacturing technology advanced to a point where even sturdier and more attractive pool liners could be produced, which occurred to such a degree that even many in ground pools now utilize them.
Gone are the days of the flimsy blue plastic: plastics manufacturing processes have evolved and improved dramatically, and many pool liners are now resistant to fading as a result. In addition to being high-tech, they also come in a wide variety of designs that can simply and easily create a completely different look in your backyard.
Many of you have probably seen pool liners online that look nice, but wonder what they actually look like in person. It’s understandable to wonder if styles like the new faux tile and pebble vinyl pool liners actually look as good as they appear to online. The answer is that you would pleasantly shocked. Once they are installed in a swimming pool and it’s filled with water, the pool liners look just like real tile or pebbles.
The liner you choose can be a reflection of you and your family, as well as reflective of what you use it for. While your choice isn’t limited by any of those factors, consider the pool’s purpose in your life to help narrow down what style of pool liner might be best for you and your family:
  • Family Swimming Pool – consider a liner like the Caribbean or Aquarium Tile styles. Your kids will have a blast jumping into a pool that looks like a tropical lagoon. Hand out some swimming masks and snorkels, and your kids will be busy for hours finding and counting the wide-variety of colorful fish and coral, and you don’t have to worry about them cutting their feet on the sand and pebbles below!
  • Relaxation/Entertainment Pool – consider a liner like the Tuscan Beaded or the Boulder Swirl styles. These upscale liners have the style and look that any pool owner would be proud to display. When combined with a wrap-around deck these looks are truly fantastic.
  • Exercise Swimming Pool – consider a liner like the Blue Swirl or Sunlight style liners. Still attractive and durable, these liners are more about function than style, but are still different enough than the classic blue to provide an updated and upgraded look.
The pool liners available today can suit the needs of almost anyone, and the way you use your swimming pool certainly isn’t limited by your liner selection. Picking a pool liner that fits your needs and style is easier and more fun than ever. This is why more and more people are deciding to turn their backyards into summer-fun playgrounds. The pool liners look amazingly authentic, but unlike the real materials their styles mimic, the decorative vinyl liners are virtually maintenance free. Instead of re-grouting tile – or feeding Caribbean fish – you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying your pool.