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How To Conserve Water In A Pool

A swimming pool can be essential for staying cool and comfortable during those hot summer days, but they can also be expensive to maintain. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on the cost of having one: conserve the water already in the pool. Try these steps to learn how to best conserve your pool water so the summer heat doesn’t dry up your wallet:
Technique One
Use a grease pencil or waterproof tape to mark a spot just above the water line in your swimming pool. Wait a day or two and check back on the position of the water relative to the tape or mark. You shouldn’t lose more than one-fourth of an inch per day, so if necessary, grab a ruler and measure the difference. If your pool has dropped by that much or more, something beyond natural evaporation is occurring.
Begin by checking for leaks in your liner or pool. If you locate one or more, have them fixed immediately. If it’s not your pool liner, check your pumping and pool heating systems. In addition, survey any and all accessible piping. If you are still unable to locate the source of the problem, you may need to call in a local pool expert to come take a look.
Technique Two
Cover your pool with a solar pool cover when it’s not in use. Not only will this help conserve water, but it will also keep out bugs and plant or tree debris, decreasing the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the swimming pool or running your automatic pool cleaner.
Technique Three
Teach your children – and guests – how to have fun in the pool without splashing the water out. Showing children the proper way to swim and behave in a swimming pool will not only help you conserve water, but it will also assist them in learning proper water safety techniques.
Technique Four
When you need to fill up your pool, do so during the cooler hours of the day, such as the morning or at night after the sun has gone down. This prevents the pool water from rapidly evaporating as you fill it. Also, ensure that your pool is on level ground so as not to cause any spillage.