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The Benefits of Using and Owning a Sauna

Many sauna owners and users say taking a sauna is the best way to wind down from the stress and tension of everyday life. While stress relief is by far the number one cited benefit of saunas, their value goes far beyond relaxation. They can be great for social, spiritual, and even health purposes.
The increased publication of the variety of uses and benefits for saunas has led to a rise in their prevalence in the United States. So, too, has the increased availability of high-quality infrared saunas, which are less expensive to manufacture and therefore less expensive for consumers to buy. Kalevi Ruuska, president of the North American Sauna Society (NASS), estimates that some 15,000 saunas are sold annually in the United States. Those numbers are estimated to be growing by about 10 percent per year.
As mentioned, saunas offer numerous health advantages – including ailment relief, detoxification, and even weight loss – all of which occur in a relaxed setting. There is no question about the value of exercise for long-term health, but augmenting exercise with a physically and emotionally beneficial activity like using a sauna is a great addition. Here are some of the reported health benefits derived from using a sauna:
  • Helps flush toxins from your system through increased sweat production and expanded sweat glands
  • Cleanses your skin by "rinsing" out bacteria from your sweat glands and pores
  • Soothes aches and pains in muscles and joints by triggering the release of endorphins and accelerating healing through increased blood flow
  • Improves cardiovascular performance
  • Relieves congestion
  • Burns calories via acceleration of heart activity and sweating.
Still aren’t sure that an in-home sauna is for you? Consider the dollars and cents alternatives like ‘spa weekends’ against the one-time cost of sauna. Then consider the absence of all the other benefits derived from an in-home sauna like ready-access to stress and pain relief. Don’t forget about the social benefits! Check out the Finnish documentary "Steam of Life" for a depiction of the ways a sauna can bring people together.
When you do use a sauna—whether it’s yours or not—be careful that you don’t get overly hot by spending an excessive amount of time in it. Too much time in an overly hot sauna will cause your body to lose too many fluids. This leads to dehydration, and combined with a drop in blood pressure from the heat, can present an unhealthy and potentially dangerous situation.
To avoid such a situation, there are some strategies sauna users should employ. Take a break and step outside the sauna if you get too hot, and be sure to stop using the sauna for a day or so if you start to feel ill. Most manufacturers and sauna experts recommend taking a brief break from the sauna every 10 to 15 minutes. No matter what, drink lots of water. As a general rule, persons whom are very old or young, pregnant, or have any kind of heart-related condition should probably avoid sauna usage.
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