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Semi-in ground pools—the best of both worlds

Semi-in ground pools—the best of both worlds
In backyards all over this nation, swimming pools of all styles, shapes and sizes stand as wonderful outposts of carefree summertime merriment and all manner of miscellaneous family fun and wonderment. So how is it possible that the semi-in ground pool, an aboveground/in ground hybrid, has remained virtually unheard of? One answer is that until recently semi-in ground swimming pools, sometimes referred to as on-ground pools or deck pools, have represented a niche market that simply hasn’t garnered enough attention among the general pool buying public. But the main reason semi-in ground swimming pools have escaped notice is that they were slow to catch on with pool dealers who remained focused on selling traditional aboveground pool kits.
The rise of the semi-in ground market
Recently, all that has changed and semi-in ground swimming pools have become
One of the most popular and best selling pool models due to their versatility, quality and ease of installation. Semi-in ground pools are installed partially aboveground and partially underground and can be installed in a matter of days and are also DIY-friendly. These swimming pools appeal to customers who like the lower cost of aboveground pools but prefer the aesthetics of in ground pools.
Installing a semi-in ground swimming pool
Featuring similar construction and materials to in ground pools, semi-in ground swimming pools typically utilize aluminum or galvanized steel, weld-free panels that are not concreted solid into the ground. The pool wall panels are virtually corrosion-proof and are structurally as strong as in ground pools. In addition, these pools are extremely adaptable. They can be installed in back yards of nearly any shape, size or terrain—yes, they can even be built on a slope. However, the more difficult the installation the more important that an experienced pool installer assist in the work. 
Semi-in ground swimming pool pricing
About now it’s probably becoming increasingly clear to you why the semi-in ground pool market is growing. But if you still require convincing, we have one word for you: affordability.
Semi-in ground swimming pools fill the price-point hole—no pun intended—between traditional aboveground pools and full-blown in ground options. Depending on the pool dealer, semi-in ground pools can range in price from approximately $3,000 to $12,000 dependent upon size. In other words, depending upon dealer, pool size and pool manufacturer, consumers can often get a pool that looks like an in ground pool at nearly half the cost.
Dressing up the semi-in ground pool
Because of their low profile, semi-in ground pools also lend themselves nicely to different decking and landscaping options. Whether you choose poured concrete, wood decking, or some type of paver, semi-in ground swimming pools are often installed with wraparound decks designed to conceal the protruding sides of the pool—giving it the look and feel of an in ground pool.
Is a semi-in ground pool right for you?
Your excuses for not buying the family a swimming pool are becoming more flimsy by the moment. Sure, a semi-in ground pool offers the perfect compromise between the traditional aboveground and in ground options. But the perfect semi-in ground pool for your family won’t just happen on its own. It will take a little research and planning. So, whether you’re getting thinking about professional installation through a pool builder, or doing-it-yourself with a semi-in ground pool kit, before investing your money visit, or for expert advice on semi-in ground pool kits call one of our trained customer service specialists at 877-727-6657.