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Turbo T Jet
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  • Aquabot® Turbo T-Jet Automatic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot® Turbo T-Jet Automatic Pool Cleaner

sku# NE346

The Aquabot® Turbo T-Jet is a revolutionary “jet” designed robotic pool cleaner that cleans, scrubs, and vacuums your in ground pool fast. Also works for above ground pools. A high pressure impeller drives the unit while providing suction and jet propulsion to power wash debris and dirt into its vacuuming ports. FREE SHIPPING!

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The ultra durable Aquabot® Turbo T-Jet pool cleaner features: 
  • Covers 5400 square feet per hour and mixes 75 gallons of water per minute!
  • Also designed to work in large above ground swimming pools!
  • Convenient hoseless, self-contained touch button convenience (also compatible with external timer)
  • Acts as secondary pool filtration / circulation system because it works independent of your pool's filtration system
  • DeepClean™ HydroScrubbing power wash jets clean where others can’t
  • Virtually maintenance free operation: no replacing gears, bearings, tracks, or brushes!
  • Massive 23 quart maximum volume capacity – more debris with less cleanings
  • Offset vacuum ports provides clog-free operation; separates bunches of leaves
  • Customizable debris intake ports for largest width openings and lowest suction points
  • Digital LED time display with StayCool™ weather-resistant power supply
  • Wheels are non-marring and unit is lightweight at only 10.75 lbs.
  • 50 ft of floating cable
  • 1 year "bumper to bumper" manufacturer's warranty
The Turbo T-Jet concentrates on cleaning the floor and walls of your pool--all the way to the water line--and comes standard with powerwashing jets, the Neverstuck™ System, and the patented Jet Drive Propulsion.  It's an ideal solution for any homeowner with a hard surface pool looking for long term reliability, durability, and performance.  Made in the USA by Aqua Products, Inc.

This revolutionary "jet" design robotic pool cleaner uses hydraulic jet thrust to clean, scrub, and vacuum your in ground or above ground pool fast. The high pressure impeller acts to not only propel the cleaner around your pool and up the walls (as long as the transition from floor to wall is properly curved), but also provides suction and jet propulsion to power wash debris and dirt into its own vacuuming ports. This jet technology enables the unit to cover 5400 square feet and filter up to 4500 gallons of pool water per hour.  It's also redistributing your pool chemicals as it goes! The large, fine filter bag that catches debris as small as 2 microns means less frequent emptying and better results. 

Requiring 120 VAC/60Hz to run, it is nevertheless entirely safe. And with a power consumption of only 180 watts, the operating cost boils down to only pennies a day.  It cleans any type of pool--above ground or in ground--including vinyl, fiberglass, tile, and concrete / gunite.  It also works on any shape, including rectangle, lap, kidney, l-shape, round, or oval.  This is due to its automatic guidance system that ensures complete coverage of any pool shape or configuration.  It is also very lightweight at only 10.75 lbs – meaning it is easy to transport to and from your pool, as well as easy to remove from the water.

In addition to circulating water and filtering your pool, the T-Jet's uses the powerful 4,500 gallons per hour of self-filtered water to propel itself around your pool.  This eliminates the need for costly, complex drive motors and parts that other cleaners require like gears, bearings, belts, tracks, wings, flaps, and diaphragms.  No wear and tear on parts means no costly part replacements.  As your pool has a minimum 6" long curved radius or 45° angle or less between its floor and walls, the T-Jet’s wheels will be able to easily roll up to clean walls, including most stairs and benches, so you will never have to.

Put an automatic power washer in your pool with the Aquabot® Turbo T-Jet.  Powerful jet streams blast dirt and debris off your pool's floor and walls instead of just vacuuming like other robotic pool cleaners.  The T-Jet comes complete with transformers and 50 ft of floating cable. For Complete Technical Specifications, click on AQUABOT

Note: Aquabot's warranty covers units sold in United States, Canada & Puerto Rico. Sales to any other area void the warranty.

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Aquabot® Turbo T-Jet Automatic Pool Cleaner
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