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Aquabot™ Turbo Automatic Pool Cleaner

sku# NE352

Aquabot™ Turbo Automatic Pool Cleaner. This “Turbo” model has the same great features as the original Aquabot™, but it is faster and it will clean a larger pool. In addition, the Aquabot™ Turbo will automatically turn itself off after a 7-hour cleaning cycle. FREE SHIPPING!

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  •  Scrubbing Action - Aquabot Turbo's front and rear rotating scrubbing brushes loosen and remove heavy dirt and fine particles from floor, walls and waterline to be vacuumed and trapped in its own internal microfilter bag.
  • Vacuuming - Aquabot Turbo's exceptionally high suction power and large vacuum intake ports enable it to easily vacuum up all types of dirt and debris.
  • Built-in Filtration System - Aquabot Turbo will clean and purify thousands of gallons of water per hour. Aquabot Turbo is equipped with an expansive, reusable microfilter bag that has the capacity to hold many leaves and twigs and is capable of filtering out all types of fine particles including sand, silt, algae and bacteria. The filter bag is easily removed and rinsed clean.
  • Better Chemical Distribution - As a result of Aquabot Turbo's heavy-duty pumping action, the pool’s bottom and surface water are circulated, raising the overall water temperature which reduces heating costs and creating a more even distribution of chemicals which normally settle to the pool floor.
  • No Installation - Operation is as simple as dropping Aquabot Turbo into your pool, plugging it into its low voltage transformer and pushing a button. It does the rest by itself. Aquabot Turbo is the safest and easiest cleaner to use, and costs on average about 10¢ a day to run.
  • Low maintenance - Constructed of corrosion-proof materials, with fewer than 10 moving parts, Aquabot Turbo requires little or no maintenance.
  • Leading Quality Assurance & Engineering - Aqua Products, Inc. is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of robotic swimming pool cleaners. Operating in nearly 40 countries with 3 separate in-house research and development teams, Aqua Products, Inc. employs the highest quality assurance manufacturing and design processes to ensure the best engineered products. From separate internal motor casing for lower long term repair costs to using brushless DC motors for limitless operating hours without failure to using drive belts that reduce drive motor load for lower wear, Aquabot Turbo is engineered specifically for the harsh conditions incurred within the swimming pool environment.

This "turbo" model has the same great features as the original Aquabot™, but it is faster and it will clean a larger pool. In addition, the Aquabot™ Turbo will automatically turn itself off after a 7-hour cleaning cycle. The powerful pool cleaner works almost twice as fast as the original Aquabot™, filtering up to 4,200 gallons per hour and cleaning your pool in 4 hours of less.
Aquabot Turbo utilizes state-of-the-art microprocessor technology in cooperation with a multitude of sensors to completely clean pools as large as 50' long, regardless of their surface type, in a mere 4 hours or less. No wonder Aquabot Turbo is the world’s #1 selling robotic pool cleaner. Designed with you in mind, Aquabot Turbo offers you the convenience of complete pool cleaning – floor to waterline and everywhere in between – at the mere touch of a button. Aquabot Turbo cuts your total pool maintenance bills (chlorine, electricity, water, etc.) by up to 50%, and helps your wallet further, and the environment, by saving thousands of gallons of chlorinated water through the reduction of evaporation and main pool filter cleanings as much as 80%. Having its own built-in motors and filtration system Aquabot Turbo operates completely independent of the pool's filtration system, eliminating the need for sloppy, tangling hoses and costly to operate booster pumps, as well as decreasing pool filter usage and wear up to 60%. Simply plug it in, drop it in and press a button. The days of $100 yearly pool cleaner repairs are over as Aquabot Turbo is engineered for reliable, worry-free operation, having less than 10 moving parts and cannot become stuck on stairs or ladders.

Designed for pools up to 20' x 50'. The Aquabot™ Turbo comes complete with the head, 60-feet of floating cord and transformer. Clean your pool fast this season with this computer-controlled dynamo. Weighs 18lbs. Backed by a 1-Year Warranty. (Extended warranty available through the manufacturer.)


For Complete Technical Specifications, click on AQUABOT

*Note: Aquabot's warranty covers units sold in United States, Canada & Puerto Rico only. Sales to any other area void the warranty.

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Aquabot™ Turbo Automatic Pool Cleaner
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Matt M.
September 18, 2012
Aquabot Turbo

I don't have a huge pool but so this is all the cleaner I need. Not perfect and I still need to do some spot vacuuming but cuts swimming pool cleaning time by 90%.

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