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PcPools is Now an Authorized Dealer of HeatWave Saunas October 30, 2012 12:00 AM

St. Paul, Minnesota - October 30, 2012

PcPools, one of America’s leading direct marketers of infrared saunas and pool supplies for residential and commercial consumers, announces that it is an authorized dealer of Blue Wave HeatWave Saunas. PcPools recognizes the numerous health advantages – including ailment relief, detoxification, and even weight loss – that make regular sauna use advantageous to users of a variety of ages. In combination with the relaxation that comes from sauna ownership, these health advantages help drive PcPools to carry the latest in HeatWave sauna technology.

Marketing Director Steve Anderson had this to say: "One cannot deny the current and still-growing wellness trend that is taking place in America. People are making an effort to live healthier, and PcPools is striving to make it easier for people to do so. Saunas have been used for centuries to purify the body and the mind, and PcPools is aligning itself with that concept by educating its customers on the short and long term benefits of owning an infrared sauna."

He continued: "Saunas help detoxify the body, improve skin and various ailments such as arthritis, and are even an effective weight loss tool. These factors set saunas apart from other relaxation-focused products, such as spas. Sauna ownership offers a way to improve one’s health in a relaxing setting, allowing owners to enjoy the best of both worlds. Interested customers can learn more in the PcPools Pool Library, starting with the article 'The Benefits of Using and Owning a Sauna.'"

PcPools’s HeatWave saunas provide an affordable way to improve fitness in a comfortable, relaxed setting. The saunas are available in a variety of sizes—from a one person to a six person sauna—and a variety of styles that fit the needs of any household or budget. PcPools saunas are available with either ceramic or carbon heaters.

About PcPools

PcPools is one of America’s leading multi-channel direct marketers of swimming pool supplies and equipment to the residential and commercial markets in the United States. Founded in 2000 by a leading executive in the pool supplies industry, it has since been dedicated to providing residential and commercial pool owners with high quality swimming pool supplies and equipment at warehouse direct prices. PcPools’ product line – all of which is sold through our catalog and internet channels – includes above ground pools, automatic pool cleaners, pool liners, pool heaters, pool chemicals, pool covers, and other pool accessories. PcPools’ strong relationship with leading pool supply manufacturers and distributors creates a truly unique combination of quality product at excellent value for its customers.

About Blue Wave Pool Products

Blue Wave Pool Products is a leading distributor and manufacturer of pool products and supplies to swimming pool retailers across the United States. Blue Wave Pool Products manufacturers and/or distributes above ground pools, in ground pools, replacement pool liners, pool equipment, pool covers pool chemicals and supplies and backyard living products. Blue Wave Pool Products is headquartered in St. Charles, IL.