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Eko Klor Solar Ionizer
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Eko Klor Solar Ionizer

sku# NC3246

The Eko Klor Solar Ionizer uses solar power and natural minerals to fight algae development and reduce the need for chlorine in swimming pool water. FREE SHIPPING!

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Concentrated Algaecide
  • Non-toxic, safe method to control algae - no need to use an algaecide in your pool again
  • Soaks up the sun while simply floating in the pool
  • Includes brush to clean anode and 25 replacement copper strips
  • Small 8" diameter won't obstruct swimming
  • 1 year warranty
The Eko Klor is recommended for pools up to 25,000 gallons and for use when copper levels are between 0.2 and 0.4 ppm.

Eko Klor. A floating solar powered ionizer that helps purify pool water!

Fight Algae and other bacteria.  By combining the electrical energy of the sun with the anti-algae effect of copper ionization.  Employing an underwater sacrificial anode, the system works when solar energy strikes the photovoitaic panel (aka "solar cells") mounted on top of the floating unit.  This safely generates electricity that flows down to the copper electrode, a process that releases copper and other ions into the pool water.  The released ions kill off micro-organisms such as algae and other bacteria in this eco-friendly, non-chemical, non-toxic, and safe manner.  It's so safe you can swim while the unit is in the pool!
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Simplify Pool Maintenance.  An Eko Klor unit helps simply pool maintenance not only by killing algae and other micro-organisms, but also through drastically reducing the pool's chemical needs.  In fact, it will cut your swimming pool's chlorine needs by up to 80%, as well as reducing calcium and water hardness levels.
Unlike competitive units, the Eko Klor won't over-ionize the water. You can leave it in your pool for extended periods with weekly water testing and anode cleaning.  Unit weighs 2 pounds.  Manufactured by Solaxx.

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Eko Klor Solar Ionizer
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