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Black Zapper® 4 x 1 qt. Enlarge / Alternative Views
Black Zapper® 4 x 1 qt.
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Black Zapper® 4 x 1 qt.

sku# NY100-4

Black Zapper®. Blue Wave Black Zapper fights all strains for algae from your pool water and will help prevent to to kill resistant algae stains. Buy 4 quarts and SAVE!

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Algae growth is common when your pool has poor circulation and when the disinfectant level, or algaecide content in the water is low or neglected.

Proper filtration (we recommend running filter at least 8-10 hours a day) and regular use of Blue Wave® algaecide will keep your pool free of algae.

Blue Wave® offers only the most concentrated algaecides to fight all strains of green, yellow, black, and mustard algae. Not only do they kill existing algae, but they will also prevent the formation of those tough, resistant algae.


Stop black algae from attacking your pool. This powerful algaecide has been formulated specifically to kill and prevent tough black algaecide strains. Super concentrated formula is non-clouding and low-foaming. Maintenance dosage: 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons.

Buy 4 quarts and SAVE!

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Black Zapper® 4 x 1 qt.
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