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Liberte Beaded Pool Liner
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12' Round Liberte Beaded Pool Liner (52") Heavy Gauge

sku# NL370101

The heavy gauge Liberty beaded pool liner is made to fit most above ground pools with a bead receiver. Constructed of top-quality virgin vinyl and protected against U.V. damage, the Liberty beaded liner will last for years and years. FREE SHIPPING!

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The premium Liberty beaded pool liner is EASY TO INSTALL and BUILT-TO-LAST!
  • Unique LamiClear Process for maximum protection from pool chemicals and the sun
  • Constructed of Heavy Gauge Vinyl
  • Strong double-welded seams
  • Long lasting and backed by a 25 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Maintain beautiful appearance for years to come
  • Made in the USA.
  • To find out more benefits of our Above Ground Pool liners CLICK HERE
The Liberty beaded pool liner is made of heavy gauge vinyl and comes with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty.  All of the beaded pool liners are sized as either a 48" or 52" pool sidewall. BUY TODAY AND SAVE!

BEADED POOL LINERS: These types of swimming pool liners differ from others by the method of installation. Beaded Pool liners simply go up the pool wall then snap into a track using the bead that runs along the liners entire edge. This track the liner snaps into is referred to as the bead receiver, and runs continuously along the top of the pool wall. Beaded pool liners usually have a decorative top border. Beaded liners are usually easier to install because most of the time you do not have to take off the top rail of the pool in order to change the liner. This type of liner works very well in situations where a large deck is built around the pool, or if the pool is sunk into the earth. Converting an existing swimming pool with an overlap liner, to a pool with a beaded liner, is easily accomplished by installing the bead receiver onto the wall and installing the right height liner. Beaded pool liners come in 3 sizes, 48", 52", or 54" wall heights. If there is any height adjustment that needs to be made, this needs to be done by removing or building up the height of the "cove" located at the base of the pool wall within the pool. Cove is available in "wedge" shaped Styrofoam or sand can be used by compacting it into the corner where the wall meets the floor.

beaded diagrambeaded

Our Liberty Beaded Pool Liner is made to fit most above ground pools needing a beaded pool liner. Constructed of top-quality standard gauge virgin vinyl, packed with U.V. inhibitors, and backed by a 25-Year Warranty.
Beaded pool liners require a bead track to be installed.  Beaded pool liners are installed by snapping into a track using the welt or bread that runs along the top of the pool liner.  The track or bead receiver attaches runs along the entire pool wall.  Because of this simple installation this is the perfect choice for above ground pools with a pool deck. 
Converting a pool with an overlap pool liner is simple.  Just install a bead receiver to the existing above ground pool wall and installing the right height beaded pool liner.  Liberty beaded pool liners are available to fit 48" or 52" high flat bottom pools with a beaded coping attachment.

NOTE: For Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller pools - please EMAIL FOR QUOTE.

Make sure your style of pool is compatible with beaded receivers prior to ordering, as our beaded liners are not the same as uni-bead or overlap liner styles. Feel free to email any questions to our pool liner experts regarding what type of liner you have at
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12' Round Liberte Beaded Pool Liner (52") Heavy Gauge
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Tom E.
April 11, 2013
Beaded Pool Liner

Top quality liner. Super heavy. Wife loves the color and pattern. Could use better instructions in the box but found some on PcPools' web site that were helpful.

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