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Aquabot Turbo T - RC Automatic Pool Cleaner Enlarge / Alternative Views
Aquabot Turbo T - RC Automatic Pool Cleaner
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Aquabot Turbo T - RC Automatic Pool Cleaner

sku# NE345

Aquabot Turbo T - RC. This Aquabot Turbo T RC model has all the fast cleaning capability of the Aquabot Turbo-T with the addition of remote control for spot cleaning. Aquabot Turbo T-Remote Control (T-RC), the world's most affordable remote controlled pool cleaner. Engineered to clean 50' long residential pools of any surface type from floor to waterline and everywhere in between, including most stairs and loveseats in about 2 hours. FREE SHIPPING!

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Aquabot Turbo T RC features:
  • Self-contained with onboard filtration system and drive and pump motors, free the pool operator from traditional cleaning methods that require pool's filter, hoses, booster pumps, assembly or installation.
  • Aquabot Turbo T-RC's intelligent efficiency reduces as much as 50% of the wear and tear other cleaners incur and cleans pools up to twice as fast, which translates into less operating hours and cost, greater reliability and lower maintenance needs, (wear and tear is cut in half)
  • Rotating brushes loosen waterline build up and break down large debris while Patented power washing jets flush out dirt from areas brushes can't reach.
  • Dirt and debris are vacuumed in through off-center vacuum ports to avoid clogging and access dirt along pool edges. The internal reusable filter bag removes everything from large leaves and coins to hair, sand and even microorganisms 10x smaller than what most pool filters can, to ensure the healthiest swimming water, decrease pool filter use as much as 50%, chemical consumption up to 30%, and usage of heat pumps and solar blankets saving energy.
  • Customized Remote Control
  • 61’ of cord and transformer
  • Clean any pool up to 50’ in length in 3 hours or less
  • Scrubs at a rate 3x faster than Aquabot Classic
  • Vacuums 5,000 GPH
  • Microfilters down to 2 microns
  • Energy efficient - operating cost of about 2¢ per hour
  • 3-Year Prorated Warranty
  • Individually handmade in the USA!


This Aquabot Turbo T RC model has all the fast cleaning capability of the Aquabot Turbo-T with the addition of remote control for spot cleaning. The remote control feature provides for radius turning & precise forward & reverse movements that allow you to direct the Turbo-T to any area in the pool that needs additional cleaning. Guide the pool cleaner to pick up leaves & debris when a complete cleaning isn’t necessary.

With Aquabot Turbo T-RC you can clean your entire pool in half the time, reach all of those areas other cleaners miss and cut your total pool expenses as much as 50%, while protecting your family and friends with the healthiest swimming environment…and all you have to do is touch a button.

Forget the days when hoses were either stuck in your pool or dragged out for each cleaning or when you actually hoped that strangers would show up to your home just so that your pool would be cleaned. Today, Aquabot Turbo T-RC is the state-of-the-art, cost-effective and performance-proven way to clean your pool in half the time of other cleaners. There are no hoses or vacuum poles to mess with, no strangers on your property and it no longer matters if wind blew dirt in the pool or it just rained after the pool was cleaned, because all you have to do is drop Aquabot Turbo T-RC into the pool and press a button.

Relax and enjoy your pool, knowing with confidence that Aquabot Turbo T-RC is the most efficient and effective cleaner in its class, outperforming every other in virtually every category. With nearly 25 years of the world's leading robotic engineering quality and innovations, Aquabots remain the #1 selling robotic cleaners because they clean better, are more reliable and are backed by the best warranties and support in the industry.

The pool cleaning unit incorporates all the benefit of the Aquabot Turbo-T and adds remote control. Aquabot Turbo-T RC comes complete with cleaner, 61’ of cord, transformer and RC controller. 3-Year Warranty. UL Listed.

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Aquabot Turbo T - RC Automatic Pool Cleaner
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