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Zeofiber - DE Alternative 3lbs Enlarge / Alternative Views
Zeofiber - DE Alternative 3lbs
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  • zeofiber natural replacement for diatomaceous earth
  • Zeofiber - DE Alternative 3lbs

ZeoFiber D.E. Alternative

sku# NA5020

A pure white cellulose fiber, ZeoFiber is completely non-toxic, biodegradable, and natural filtration media alternative to diatomaceous earth (D.E.). Produced from wood fiber. Available in 3 lb bags. FREE SHIPPING!

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ZeoFiber—Natural Alternative to D.E.

  • Comprised of non-toxic, biodegradable, and natural cellulose fiber
  • Environmentallyl safe replacement for diatomaceous earth (D.E.) in pool and spa filters
  • Works as a filter aid in cartridge and sand filters
  • Cellulose fibers provide finer filtration by forming highly uniform filter coating to trap particles D.E. cannot
  • You'll save money on chemicals and save time because fewer backwashes are needed
  • One pound of ZeoFiber replaces 8 lbs of D.E.

If you are concerned about the effect of your D.E. pool filter's effect on the environment, consider ZeoFiber, the "GREEN" alternative. This pure white cellulose fiber works just as well as DE--and even better when it comes to ultra fine particles and certain oils--but it is safe to use and 100% biodegradable. Plus, since you only use 1 lb of ZeoFiber for every 8 lbs of DE, you save money while maintaining sparkling clean water.

After initially ‘changing’ your filter, you will even have to backwash less often, saving time and money on water bills and chemicals. Choose Zeofiber as your D.E. replacement or cartridge/sand filter aid this swimming season.
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ZeoFiber D.E. Alternative
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