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EZ Patch - 1 oz. tube
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E-Z Patch® Vinyl Liner Repair Sealant

sku# NA350

E-Z Patch® 28 is a clear rubber sealant for repairing vinyl pool liners. Works underwater or above water. FREE SHIPPING!

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CLEAR VINYL REPAIR SEALANT -- Dries Underwater and Matches Any Liner Color!

Repairing a vinyl pool liner presents a variety of challenges.  Adhesive residue can get in your hair and eyes when doing an underwater repair, sealant dries quickly providing a short working time to use the product, vinyl patches used to repair large rips get pulled through by heavy water flow, and the dried adhesive turning another color.  E-Z Patch® 28 helps solve those problems:
  • It's a clear rubber sealant that leaves no residue when applied underwater
  • Provides a full 5 minutes of working time
  • Will not stick to your hand if it is wet.
  • Repairs rips, cuts, or pinholes without a patch.
  • Can function as an adhesive for a vinyl patch (clear vinyl patch included) when repairing a large rip or cut
  • Great for repairs to pool covers, plastic skimmers, and light fixtures
E-Z Patch® 28 is an amazing sealant formula that creates it’s own patch. It skins over in 5-10 minutes and cures completely in 48 hours.  Swimming is allowed immediately after repair.  Product has a 5 year shelf life and comes in 1 ounce tube.
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E-Z Patch® Vinyl Liner Repair Sealant
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