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Pool Tip #38: Pool Pump and Motor Health Checklist

Look - Is the motor dry? Puddles around the pool pump or motor can lead to the unit shorting out. Are the vents free of leaves and other debris? Such debris can clog the pool pump and cause the motor to overheat. Is the pool pump strainer basket clean? Again, debris anywhere within a pool filtration system can cause the motor to work harder than it is meant to and overheat.
Listen - Is there a steady, consistent "hum"? Be aware that high-pitched, inconsistent grinding noises can be signs of a clog or a malfunctioning pool pump or motor. Has the pool pump’s "hum" become louder? This is a sign of the pool pump working too hard.
Feel - Is the pool pump’s motor hotter than usual? Motors are supposed to give off some heat, but if it is nearly scalding to the touch, that means there is something wrong. Are there any extreme vibrations when you touch the pool pump? A malfunctioning pump can be identified by an easy-to-feel pounding vibration.