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Pool Tip #30: Solar Pool Heater Troubleshooting

Below are some common issues with solar pool heaters that are easily solved:
  1.  The pool is not as warm as it should be
    • The solar pool heating panels are too small for your pool’s gallonage, or are incorrectly installed.
    • Not enough circulation combined with sun exposure throughout the day.
    • Circulation occurs at the wrong time of the day. Be sure that circulation is occurring during high sun exposure.
    • The pump is causing the water to flow through the panels too fast.
  2. Some panels are warm to the touch, but others are cool to the touch.
    • Check for circulation problems – hosing, panel header hookups, etc.
    • Monitor flow rate
    • Check that the valves on each panel are fully open.
  3. Leaks in solar pool heating panels or plumbing
    • Check chemistry of pool water, e.g. chemicals, pH levels, alkalinity, etc.
    • Check that plumbing is secure.