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Pool Tip #19: Replacement Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

Before you install your above ground pool liner, take the following steps to make sure that you have installed the pool properly up to that point. First, you should measure the top of the above ground pool walls on several various points across the entire pool. Often times pool installers will forget to do this, which can lead to uneven pressure on the pool liner. As a result, the pool liner will typically burst due to the uneven pressure. This is more common with oval and rectangle pool walls because of the differing techniques required to set up the length sides in comparison to the width sides. Usually the length sides are under more pressure than the width sides, so greater attention is required in those above ground pool areas. A great tool for ensuring that your above ground pool wall is level is a carpenter’s level, which can help to get the pool walls to one inch all around. This will be the last time to easily start over the pool wall installation process, so be sure not to go past this point until you are positive that it is leveled to within one inch.