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Pc Pools Offers a Variety of Pool Covers to Fit All Pool Needs August 11, 2011 03:45 PM

St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN August 11th, 2011 – Pc Pools, one of America’s leading direct marketers of above ground pools and pool supplies for residential and commercial pool owners offers three different types of pool covers. Winter pool covers can prevent debris from entering a pool, while safety pool covers keep out winter debris and are strong enough to prevent a serious accident from occurring. Those are the two most common ways to cover one’s swimming pool. Conversely, solar pool covers provide pool owners with an environmentally friendly way to inexpensively heat their pool.

Winter pool covers are very helpful to pool owners who are looking to close down their pool. Keeping debris out of the pool during the non-swimming seasons is highly important in having a smooth, easy pool opening in the spring. Leaves, dirt, and sticks are just some of the many sorts of debris that must be kept out. Winter pool covers can reduce algae buildup by preventing the bacteria that precipitation carries from entering the pool. A thick winter pool cover can also keep squirrels and other small animals from becoming trapped in the pool. Such pool covers also relieve pumps and filters of pressure caused by debris-related clogs. Winter pool covers can be installed once a season, or once a week due to the durability of the material. It should be noted that even the strongest of winter covers should not be walked on.

Safety pool covers are the strongest form of pool cover in the industry. These heavy covers are mounted to the pool deck by bronze anchors and spring-loaded grommets, which when combined with the heavy mesh or solid fabric, typically allow for a four-thousand pound weight capacity. A safety pool cover allows pool owners to entirely shut down their swimming pool. This saves the pool owner money on operating costs by reducing the pool’s need for extra heating equipment, water treatment chemicals, and other maintenance costs. Solid fabric safety pool covers significantly reduce algae growth by blocking both bacteria-carrying precipitation and algae-supporting sunlight. Those attributes prevent mildew, pool discoloration, and wall decay. Most importantly, safety pool covers can save lives. They are the only form of pool cover that if fallen on, will support the individual until they are able to get to their feet. In a way, safety pool covers act as a "horizontal fence" that keeps anything from entering the pool, however ideally a safety pool cover should not be walked on.

During the summer months, solar pool covers help to attract sunlight to heat the pool as well as insulate the pool after nightfall. Solar pool covers provide pool owners with an inexpensive way to increase and maintain heat that is significantly more cost-effective than a propane-fueled heater. By placing the solar cover on the water’s surface, pool owners can enjoy a ten-to-fifteen degree increase in water temperature. Additionally, insulating solar covers reduce water evaporation which saves pool owners money on chemicals such as chlorine. Studies suggest that an uncovered swimming pool will lose 30% of its heat, chemicals, and water throughout the course of a day, which illustrates just how important solar pool covers are. Owners of either in ground or above ground pools can use solar pool covers to maximize their pool’s temperature and reduce pool maintenance costs.

Sales/Marketing Director Ted Robinson had this to say about Pc Pools’ wide variety of pool cover options, "While we always strive to maintain a premier selection of pool covers, it is important to educate our prospective customer base on the differences between the covers that Pc Pools carries. Choosing the right pool cover for the right situation is part of keeping a swimming pool clean, comfortable, and most importantly, safe."

About Pc Pools

Pc Pools is one of America’s leading multi-channel direct marketers of swimming pool supplies and equipment to the residential and commercial swimming pool markets in the United States.  Founded in 2000 by a leading executive in the pool supplies industry, it has since been dedicated to providing residential and commercial pool owners with high quality swimming pool supplies and equipment at warehouse direct prices.  Pc Pools product line includes above ground pools, automatic pool cleaners, pool liners, pool heaters, pool chemicals, pool covers and accessories, all of which are sold through catalog and internet channels.  Pc Pools’ strong relationship with leading pool supplies manufacturers and distributors creates a truly unique product offering of quality and value for its customers.

About Blue Wave Pool Products

Blue Wave Pool Products is a leading distributor and manufacturer of pool products and supplies to swimming pool retailers across the United States. Blue Wave Pool Products manufacturers and/or distributes above ground pool supplies, in ground pools, pool liners, pool equipment, Arctic Armor pool covers and backyard living products. Blue Wave Pool Products is headquartered in St. Charles, IL.

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