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Pc Pools Identifies Tips for Proper Pool Winterization August 18, 2011 03:39 PM

St. Paul, MN August 18th, 2011 - Pc Pools, one of America’s leading direct marketers of above ground pools and pool supplies for residential and commercial pool owners recognizes the importance of properly winterizing a swimming pool. Proper winterization can significantly extend the life of one’s pool setup.  Although some pool owners have their own methods toward effective winterization, Pc Pools has some specific directions that every pool owner should consider. The swimming pool winterization process can take between a half hour to half a day, depending on how much time one is willing to spend. The more time one is willing to spend closing down a pool, the less headaches and stress can be expected in the spring. Contractors will charge hundreds of dollars to winterize a swimming pool, but Pc Pools has advice that allows the pool owner to quickly do it themselves with ease.

The beginning of pool winterization should involve taking down any surrounding structures that are not meant to be installed permanently. One such structure is removable pool decking, which should be thoroughly cleaned before being put away for the winter. This will help prevent rust that occurs from remnant pool chemicals. Other advisable maintenance checks include checking the o-rings and gaskets on the pool before covering it for the winter – if such items will need replacing, it is better to know that ahead of time so as to not be surprised in the spring. Disassembling the pool pump and filtration system allows the pool owner to take maximum care in cleaning such pool equipment. A powerful air blower is the perfect tool for clearing out hosing and pipes. Pressure gauges and filter tops can react negatively to cold weather, so pool owners should be sure to store them at room temperature and away from harsh winter elements. Once the pool exterior has been taken care of, the pool owners should turn their attention to the pool structure itself.

Approximately twelve to fifteen gallons of antifreeze should be used during the winterization process (for an in ground pool setup). Winter pool chemical kits are premeasured and packaged according to specific pool size, making the winterization process a straight-forward and easy-to-handle process for any pool owner. Such kits include a shock chemical, a time-release chemical floater, a stain elimination chemical, an algaecide, and a separate chemical specialized in removing oils and grease from the water. Winterizing chemical kits are effective in eliminating leftover carbon dioxide, which is one of the main food sources for liner-damaging algae.

Ice that gathers on top of the pool cover is not a major concern, as ice will not freeze all the way down to the pool floor. Air pillows will assist in breaking the ice up, preventing one solid block or sheet of ice from forming. It is a common misconception that many air pillows are needed in order to lift the cover so that rain and debris falls off to the sides. This theory requires one to purchase over a dozen pillows, which is entirely unnecessary. Instead, pool owners should place three or four pillows in the pool with the sole purpose of breaking the ice. This relieves the pressure on the pool wall and floor, thus reducing ice damage.

Marketing director Ted Robinson had this to say, "We at Pc Pools want to set the record straight that pool winterization is something that the even the most inexperienced pool owner can accomplish. Using our proper, easy-to-learn techniques in conjunction with the right amount of pool winterization chemicals, pool closure can be accomplished in about a half day’s time."

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