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Products for a Crystal Clear Pool

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pH Balancers
Because maintaining pH in the desired range is so important, we have made this the first step of our Easy Pool Care Program. pH-balanced water makes routine chlorination, shocking and algae control chemicals work at their optimum levels. Blue Wave balancers include pH INCREASER, pH REDUCER, ALKALINITY INCREASER, and HARDNESS INCREASER. Always test and adjust pH balancers before proceeding to adjust chlorine, shock or algaecide levels. It is the foundation of good pool water chemistry.

Shock Treatments
Shocking your pool is the third step in Blue Wave's Easy Pool Care Program. Shock treatments such as BLAST OUT, CHLOR-BURSTTM, and BLITZ™ superchlorinate the water and destroy organic compounds introduced to the pool water by bathers or air particles (such as lawn fertilizer). All Blue Wave shock treatments are available in easy-to-use 1 lb. bags.

Make a habit of shocking at least once a week for a trouble-free season.


Remember to pre-mix BLAST OUT before adding it to the pool water to prevent bleaching of vinyl liners or other pool surfaces.


Green water is unattractive and it will make your pool unpleasant to swim in. Preventing algae is the fourth step of our Easy Pool Care Program. HALT™ 50 algaecide is powerful, non-staining, and very effective at preventing most types of algae. Consult your Internet Blue Wave Dealer for specialty algaecides that can be helpful in special situations where algae are a problem.

Stain Preventers
Many water sources, especially wells, contain metals, such as iron, copper, and manganese. If these metals are left untreated they can stain your pool. Blue Wave's SUPER RUST & SCALE prevents staining in metal laden water.

If you live in an area with high concentrations of iron or metals, test the water for metal content before filling your pool each spring.

Concentrated SUPER SHIMMER™ clarifier adds that extra sparkle to pool water. Plus, weekly use of SUPER SHIMMER™ makes your filter operate more efficiently.

We also make strong cleaners to rid your pool of that water line ring and clean your filter. Ask your Internet Blue Wave Dealer about TILE & VINYL CLEANER and FILTER CLEAN.

Water Testing
Testing your water frequently is the best way to insure crystal clear water and head off problems before they begin. We suggest that you test your water for free chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity at least 3 time per week. If any problems arise, call your Internet Blue Wave dealer for expert advise.

Spa Products
Spa owners can enjoy the same high quality chemicals that pool owners enjoy with Blue Wave spa products. This concentrated, high quality line of chemicals is specially formulated for hot water applications. Blue Wave spa products are compatible with each other to ensure a clean, safe soaking experience.

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