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Easy Pool Care Program

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Simple, Quick & Effective
With Blue Wave's Easy Pool Care Program, keeping your pool water crystal clear is a snap. Just four easy steps and you are done in no time. For best results, make sure to: Have good water flow through the skimmers (or chlorinator, if installed). Operate your pump and filter 10 or more hours per day.
STEP 1: Balance the Water
It is vital that proper pH is maintained in you pool at all times. If the pH is outside 7.2 to 7.6 it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of pool chemicals. Test your pH level at least three (3) times a week and use either Blue Wave pH REDUCER or Blue Wave pH INCREASER to bring the pH into the proper range. If you are finding it difficult to maintain your pH, check your total alkalinity and be sure it is in the ideal range. Adjust total alkalinity levels accordingly.
STEP 2: Sanitize
Blue Wave's 3" SANITIZING TABLETS are the most efficient sanitizer to use in your pool. Our specially compressed 3" tablets are designed to dissolve slowly and steadily release free chlorine into your water to wipe out bacteria and keep your water clean. Plus, Blue Wave's 3" SANITIZING TABLETS are stabilized to protect them from the sun's damaging rays, making them last longer and work more effectively. Always keep 3" tablets in your skimmer, floater, or automatic feeder to continue sanitizing.

Blue Wave also offers other stabilized chlorinated products in convenient sizes: Blue Wave 1" Sanitizing Tablets, Sanitizing Sticks, and Sanitizing Granules.
STEP 3: Shock
As debris builds up in the water (such as perspiration, urine, suntan oil, and hair spray) they can cause eye and skin irritation and dull water. These contaminants tie up chlorine, keeping it from effectively sanitizing the water.

A treatment of Blue Wave CHLOR-BURST™ or BLAST OUT once a week will oxidize these contaminants, freeing up the chlorine, and keeping your water crystal clear. Regular Blue Wave shock treatments will also kill resistant algae in the water.

Both CHLOR-BURST™ and BLAST OUT are easy to use and available in convenient 1 lb. bags. CHLOR-BURST™ does not affect the pH or the calcium hardness making it ideal for hard water areas.

For pool owners that would prefer a non-chlorine shock after opening their pool, Blue Wave offers BLITZ™ chlorine-free shock in handy 1 lb. bags.
STEP 4: Algae Control
The best way to combat algae is to never let it get started. Blue Wave HALT™ 50 is a powerful algaecide that is very concentrated and low foaming. In fact, one quart treats up to 240,000 gallons!

HALT™ 50 is specially formulated to work well with other Blue Wave chemicals. It is non-metallic and will not discolor hair. Use HALT™ 50 weekly to prevent all types of algae from getting a foothold in your pool.
Pool care made easy...
STEP 1: Balance the Water - The most important step. Use pH INCREASER and pH REDUCER to balance your pool water.
STEP 2: Sanitize - For clean, bacteria-free water that is safe for swimming. Use stabilized 3" SANITIZING TABLETS for long-lasting effectiveness.
STEP 3: Shock - Shock at least once a week for a trouble-free season. Use CHLOR-BURST™or BLAST OUT.
STEP 4: Algae Control - Prevent and kill all kinds of algae with our super concentrated HALT™ 50 algaecide.
...because pools are for fun, not work!

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