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Before the Chemicals

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Circulation & Filtration
The pump and filter form the heart of any pool maintenance program. Without a strong, efficient pump and filter, keeping your pool water clear will be much more difficult and expensive. The best time to run your pump is during the day for at least 10 hours.

Your filter removes both visible debris and microscopic particles. It should be backwashed when the filter's pressure gauge indicates levels 8 to 10 lbs. above normal (always follow manufacturer instructions).

It is also important that your pool water circulates around the perimeter of your pool. Water in motion makes it harder for bacteria and algae to take hold. More debris is also directed to your skimmers where it can be captured by your filter. Adjust the eyeball jets in your inlets to move your pool water in a circular motion.

All swimming pools have areas that have little or no circulation. These areas of minimal circulation are the breeding grounds for problems like algae growth. The walls and floor should be brushed and vacuumed once a week. Even if you use an automatic pool cleaner, brushing once a week is a must.

It is very important to test your water regularly for two (2) key factors: pH and Sanitizers. By testing your water at least three times per week you will begin to understand how bather load, weather (rain and sun) and chemical application affect your pool's water. By regularly testing pH and sanitizer levels, you will ensure crystal clear water all season long.

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