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Pool Care Guide

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Spring Start-Up

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Remove your pool cover
If you use a solid cover, drain the water off the cover. (Be sure not to set an automatic pump on a cover seam, as this will drain water from inside the pool.) Clean the cover thoroughly and let in dry in the sun before storing it. Be sure to remove any debris (twigs, leaves, etc.) that may have gotten into your pool water.
Fill the pool
Add enough water to bring the water level to the middle of the skimmers.
Check your pool's equipment
Before starting up your pump and filter system, be sure the main drain and inlets are open. Make sure that the pump and skimmer baskets are in place and free of debris. Your pump and filter are a very important part of keeping your pool water clean and clear. If your filter was not cleaned before your pool was closed, clean it now. Blue Wave FILTER CLEAN removes the build-up of grease, oil, and scale in your filter allowing it operate for effectively, efficiently, and extending your filter's life.
Test your water
Start up your pool equipment and let it run for 24 hours before taking a water sample. Be sure that you take a sample from at least 1 foot below the surface. With your test kit or test strips, test the water for free chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity. Use the test results to bring your pool up to the ideal range for those results using the chart below.
Test for pH and Sanitizer Levels
If you test the water yourself, check the pH and free chlorine or bromine levels. The chart below provides the proper levels to keep your water crystal clear.

Test Factor Ideal Range
Free Chlorine 1.0 to 3.0 PPM
Total Bromine 1.0 to 3.0 PPM
pH 7.2to 7.6PPM
Total Alkalinity 80 to 150 PPM
Calcium Hardness
- Plaster Pools 200 to 275 PPM
- All Others 125 to 300 PPM

If any of these levels are not in their proper range, consult your Internet Blue Wave Dealer for the proper chemicals to bring them into balance.
The Easy Pool Care Program™
Now that the pool is up and running, we recommend following our 4-Step Easy Pool Care Program to ensure clear, brilliant water.

Ask your Internet Blue Wave Dealer about complete, easy-to-use Spring Start-Up Kits. These kits are formulated with just the right amount of chemicals to get your pool ready for swimming.

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