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Pool Tip # 12: Setting Up a Solid Foundation for an Above Ground Pool

As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure." Nut grass, crab grass, stray roots, and itchy-weed are all unwanted guests in your lawn. This concept is even more relevant when an above ground pool is installed. Rapidly growing plant material can damage the undercarriage of your pool liner in less than a month, which is why you should treat the area where you will be installing the above ground pool with a non-petroleum herbicide. This chemical treatment should occur after the space has been cleared and leveled off to make sure that the soil is getting the most exposure as possible. Pool owners shouldn’t overlook this precautionary tactic. While the use of Gorilla Pool Floor Bottom Padding is highly recommended, there is no replacement for properly clearing your yard of anything that could damage your pool liner before the installation process begins. To make sure that the yard surface is fully treated, you should trace the outline of where the above ground pool will be placed and make sure to treat up to an additional five feet on each side.