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PcPools Announces “The Smart Seven” Tips For Winterizing Above Ground Pools October 16, 2012 12:00 AM

St. Paul, Minnesota - October 16, 2012
PcPools, one of America’s leading direct marketers of above ground pools and pool supplies for residential and commercial pool owners, announces "The Smart Seven" tips for closing your above ground pool this winter:
  1. Remove all debris from the bottom of your Above Ground Pool by vacuuming and/or using an automatic above ground pool cleaner.
  2. Use Blue Wave’s Winterizing Pool Chemical Package to add the necessary chemicals pre-selected for your pool’s size, but be sure to carefully follow the instructions. This prevents things like algae growth on the pool walls.
  3. Drain the pool filter tank of all water, remove the return eyeballs, and install the Winterizing Plugs. Bring your pool pump/motor indoors to protect it from inclement weather.
  4. Remove your skimmer plate and replace it with a pool skimmer plug or face plate protective cover.
  5. Put on your winter pool cover. Solid winter pool covers should float on top of water. If you’re using an Air Pillow, only inflate it to 2/3rds full. For mesh winter pool covers, do not drain the pool lower than the bottom of the skimmer. We also suggest placing a leaf net securely over the existing winter pool cover, and then removing it after the leaves have fallen to ensure a quick and easy opening in the spring.
  6. Fill your wall bags and fasten them to the cover’s cable, placing one approximately every 2-3 feet. Tighten the cable securely around the winter pool cover, and then re-position the wall bags on top of pool cover.
  7. Finally, use pool cover clips or premium Cover Lock Jr.’s to secure your cover. We also suggest using a cover seal to fully protect your winter cover and pool from high winds and other inclement weather.
Marketing Director Steven Anderson had this to say about winterizing above ground pools: "The Smart Seven is a tried and true method that many above ground pool owners rely on to help keep their pools working properly every season. Remember, proper cleaning and storage of your pool equipment, as well as proper pool chemical management, are crucial to maximize the use and enjoyment of your above ground pool."
The tips and recommendations by PcPools have been tested and used for years by pool owners. For even more detail on pool winterization, visit the PcPools Pool Library. Visitors will find helpful articles such as the "Do-It-Yourself Guide To Winterizing Your Above Ground Pool" and more. All tips are based on proper chemical balance and regular cleaning throughout the season.
About PcPools
PcPools is one of America’s leading multi-channel direct marketers of swimming pool supplies and equipment to the residential and commercial markets in the United States. Founded in 2000 by a leading executive in the pool supplies industry, it has since been dedicated to providing residential and commercial pool owners with high quality swimming pool supplies and equipment at warehouse direct prices. PcPools’ product line – all of which is sold through our catalog and internet channels – includes above ground pools, automatic pool cleaners, pool liners, pool heaters, pool chemicals, pool covers, and other pool accessories. PcPools’ strong relationship with leading pool supply manufacturers and distributors creates a truly unique combination of quality product at excellent value for its customers.