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Pool Tip of the Week

Tip #51: Pool Lights and Fall Pool Closing

Generally speaking, most in ground pool lights are designed to withstand winter’s harsh temperatures.

Tip #50: Pool Heater Maintenance

One of the most important concepts involved in proper pool heater maintenance content is the mineral composition of the pool water.

Pool Tip #49: Saltwater Pool Systems

Saltwater pool systems are great additions to an above ground pool setup.

Pool Tip #48: Pool Winterization Preparation

Water expands when it freezes, making it important to clear all piping, PVC tubes, pumps, filters, and heaters of water during the winter months.

Pool Tip #47: Winterizing Pool Chemical Packages

Winterizing chemical pool kits are pre-measured and packaged according to specific pool size, making the pool winterization process a straight-forward and easy-to-handle process for any pool owner.

Pool Tip # 46: Pool Circulation & Filtration

Pool owners should run their pool pump and filtration systems for at least 10 hours per day.

Pool Tip #45: Sand Pool Filtration is Sometimes the Best Choice

For pools that get heavy use, sand pool filters are superior choices to cartridge and DE pool filtration systems.

Pool Tip #44: Pool Chemical Storage Care

Never mix two different pool chemicals into the same bin. The result can be creating an unstable compound that releases hazardous gases.

Pool Tip #43: Safety Pool Cover Protocol

When installing a safety pool cover, pool owners should be aware of a few issues that often arise. First, safety pool covers will usually have a great amount of tension on the springs and anchors at first.​

Pool Tip #40-42: Pool Closing Checklist

Three steps for Pool Closing

Pool Tip #39: Pool Care Maintenance - Manual Scrubbing an Above Ground Pool

Manually brushing the sides of your above ground swimming pool is a great way to ...

Pool Tip #38: Pool Pump and Motor Health Checklist

3 easy steps! Look - Listen - Feel

Pool Tip #37: Pool Safety --- Social Gathering Safety Protocol

During social gatherings, you should appoint an adult as a designated pool monitor to protect young children from accidents.

Pool Tip #36: Pool Water Care - Musty Pool Water Odor Remedy

If you ever smell a musty odor coming from your pool, seek the help of algaecide.

Tip #35: Pool Wall and Vinyl Pool Liner Stain Preventers

Well water is commonly used by pool owners to fill up their swimming pools, however it should be known that such a source contain high levels of metals.

Pool Tip #30: Solar Pool Heater Troubleshooting

Below are some common issues with solar pool heaters that are easily solved:

Tip #29: Solar Pool Cover Care (Reels)

Solar pool covers are effective and inexpensive alternatives to gas or propane pool heaters, and also require significantly less maintenance.

Pool Tip #34: Pool Water Care - Dealing with Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water can be a result from a few different issues.

Tip #33: Pool Water Care - Dealing with Green Pool Water

Green swimming pool water is typically caused by green algae or a large amount of copper in the solution.​

Pool Tip #32: Pool Safety - Sunscreen Advice

Everyone has heard about the importance of wearing sunscreen when out in the sun.

Pool Tip #31: Testing for Pool Water Evaporation

Drop-off in water level is common in extremely hot areas.

Pool Tip #28: How Does a Solar Pool Cover Work?

Have you ever wondered how a solar pool cover works?

Pool Tip #27: Pool Chemical Care --- Avoid Direct Contact between Pool Chemicals and Vinyl Pool Liners

Never let granular or tablet sanitizers come directly into contact with your vinyl pool liner.

Pool Tip #26: Pool Shock

Perspiration, suntan lotion, and hair care products are all examples of debris that can keep pool sanitation chemicals from performing to the top of their abilities.

Pool Tip #25: Sanitizing Your Pool Water

Once the pool water’s pH and alkalinity levels are at the desired levels, it is time to sanitize your swimming pool.

Pool Tip #24: Pool Chemical Care --- Acidity

When increasing the acidity of your above ground swimming pool, be sure to pour the pool chemicals close to the surface so as to not create any splashing.

Pool Tip #23: Pool Chemical Care --- Balancing Your Pool Water

The pH level is among the most important factor is maintaining a clear and desirable swimming pool.

Tip #22: Pool Water Care --- High Chlorine Consumption

If your swimming pool is using more chlorine than it should be, there are multiple issues that could be occurring.

Pool Tip #21: Pool Chemical Care --- Pool Water Testing

There are two key factors that involve pool water testing: pH level and pool sanitizers.

Pool Tip #20: Expandable Pool Liners

Want more than 52” of depth in your above ground pool? Expandable pool liners allow up to 72” of depth (that’s six feet!).

Pool Tip #19: Replacement Above Ground Pool Liner Installation

Before you install your above ground pool liner, take the following steps to make sure that you have installed the pool properly up to that point.

Pool Tip #18: Above Ground Pool Liner Installation --- Evening Out Pool Liner While Filling Up an Above Ground Swimming Pool

When filling your above ground swimming pool, it is important to smooth out any wrinkles that occur in the pool liner.

Pool Tip #18: Above Ground Pool Liner Installation --- Evening Out Pool Liner While Filling Up an Above Ground Swimming Pool

When filling your above ground swimming pool, it is important to smooth out any wrinkles that occur in the pool liner.

Pool Tip #17: Proper Weather Conditions for Vinyl Pool Liner Installation

Do not install a vinyl pool liner on a very hot or very cold day.

Pool Tip #14-16: Pool Opening Checklist

Three basic steps for opening your pool.

Pool Tip #13: Avoiding Above Ground Pool Hardware Corrosion

Screw heads, bolts, and other hardware that can come into contact with chemically-treated pool water can be susceptible to corrosion.

Pool Tip # 12: Setting Up a Solid Foundation for an Above Ground Pool

As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.” Nut grass, crab grass, stray roots, and itchy-weed are all unwanted guests in your lawn.

Pool Tip #11: Semi-In Ground Swimming Pools – An Alternative to In Ground or Above Ground Swimming Pools

Today’s new aluminum above ground swimming pool designers have engineered pool walls that are strong enough to withstand the pressure of being placed semi-in ground.

Pool Tip #10: Above Ground Pool Installation Weather Conditions

First-time above ground pool installers should know that certain weather conditions are vital for doing the job right.

Pool Tip #9: Choosing the right above ground pool

When choosing what type of above ground swimming pool is right for you, three factors are important to consider.

Pool Tip #8: Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

There are always going to be some areas of a swimming pool where the filtration system’s circulation cannot reach.

Pool Tip #7: Automatic Pool Cleaner Safety

Robotic automatic pool cleaners are the best and easiest way to automatically clean your above or in ground swimming pool

Tip #6: Maintaining Automatic Pool Cleaners

There are many ways to maintain the quality and durability of an automatic pool cleaner.

Pool Tip #5: Pool Chemical Care Using a New Type of Pool Chemical

Dealing with new pool chemicals requires close attention to detail.

Pool Tip #4: Pool Equipment Safety

Be aware of the safety procedures regarding pool equipment. Solar pool covers should be fully removed before pool entry to prevent getting caught in the pool cover and drowning.

Pool Tip #3: Pool Safety --- Always Be Prepared + CPR

Being prepared for an emergency is always the best preventative tactic. Remember that accidents can occur in as little as a few seconds, so it is important for pool owners to monitor their children at all times.

Pool Tip #2: General Pool Safety Guidelines

Pool safety laws and regulations typically vary by state or county, although there are some general concepts that apply to nearly jurisdiction.

Pool Tip #1: Online Shopping Advice

Pool Tip #1: Online Shopping Advice